A popular vacation destination in Southern Arizona, Lihue, has become an epicenter of car rental and has become the destination for some of the top car rental companies in the area.

With a large car park, great parking and a car rental service, Lidl is the largest car rental company in Arizona.

We visited Lihuen on the last weekend of May to find out how it is being used in the southern Arizona mountains.

What we found We visited the Lihuer, which is located about an hour drive from the city of Lihues in the beautiful Baja California mountains.

We stopped off at Lihuanas main location, the Lidlas Auto Rentals on the outskirts of town.

We drove into the town of Lidles and had lunch at the Lidy Café on the way to the car rental shop.

Lihule is a car park with a small parking area.

The car rental place in the car park is a bit different from other car parks in the US and there are a few different cars and cars types.

One of the cars that we rented was a 2014 Ford Mustang.

The place was packed and the driver was quite helpful and gave us a tour of the parking lot.

When we walked into the car room, there was an empty car that had been parked on the ground floor.

We got out and asked to see the owner.

He was not happy with our question, but he was friendly and gave me a tour.

We looked around and noticed a few cars with different plates that were not used much.

We went into the next room and found a single car that was a 1999 Ford Mustang with a different plate on it.

The owner had a sticker on the window that said it was a used car.

The driver gave us directions to Lihules car park.

The parking lot has a car wash and a couple of parking spots, but they were very busy.

I would recommend that you ask the driver to tell you what he/she has to do to get a new car.

It is hard to find a car with the new plates that are different than the ones that were there when you were there.

It would be much better if you have a backup car or a new license plate if you are renting a car in the city.

The rental company did have a couple parking spots open but were very crowded and there were only about three cars parked.

We found a couple car rental sites online and were able to rent the car that we wanted for $1,700.

We decided to rent a Toyota Prius because it was the cheapest option and we had some time before the car was due back.

When I arrived home from Lihules, I decided to start my trip to Lidls car park on the night of the 8th of May.

The first stop was the parking area, which was packed with people and there was no way that we could get to the entrance to the parking garage, which we had been told was a very short drive away.

We left our car at Lidel and went to the Lids car rental.

We rented a vehicle and had to walk the few steps to the driveway to get to our rental car.

We parked our rental vehicle in the parking space in front of the Liddel Café.

We waited until we had parked it and had a seatbelt on, then the driver went inside and got out of the car.

He showed us his new car and told us about his car and how it was used.

He also told us how much time we could expect to get for the rental car, which I thought was quite reasonable.

He then gave us his credit card number, which he had given to me at the car wash.

When he gave us the credit card, I was able to confirm it by looking up the credit limit for the car and finding that the rental credit was $1.8 million.

I was impressed with the amount of time it would take to rent from him, as he was a busy driver.

I drove around Lihuelas parking lot for a while, checking out the parking lots and asking the drivers to tell me about their cars.

The cars that I rented seemed to be pretty basic and had only two doors.

We had a car that I was quite familiar with and I had the impression that it was just a Honda Accord, so I asked the driver if he knew how it had been rented.

He told me that he had not used the car in years and that it had an old sticker on it that said that it used to belong to the owner, which seemed to indicate that the car had been used.

I had never rented from him before and I was curious as to what the car used to be like.

When the car finally arrived, it had a big sticker that said “Rental: Lidlin” on the side.

It was the biggest car that he rented