The most expensive car rental around here is a $5.5 million Bentley, but that’s a luxury for a person like me who likes to drive fast.

When I first signed up for a car rental company, I didn’t expect to find anything below $5K, but the results were nothing short of miraculous.

My rental company is in the process of relocating from its original location to the posh Beverly Hills neighborhood.

The company’s current location is on the west side of Hollywood Boulevard, in an apartment complex called Bowery Village.

As I drove through the neighborhood, I noticed a huge number of car rental companies that had started popping up along the streets of Beverly Hills.

It’s because of this, I had to research the companies, find out what the cars looked like, and determine the most affordable way to get a car.

The rental company that was closest to me was located at an apartment building in the same neighborhood.

 I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up, so I sat in my car and researched the car rental services online.

I had a lot of fun while researching the rental companies in LA.

When you have the ability to buy your own car, it’s pretty easy to save money.

I actually ended up saving more than $2,000 on my rental car, thanks to the cheap car rental options.

How to get cheap car rentals in LA at $5k+ for a first car rental article I was curious to see what the rental car companies would be willing to rent for a price that was too good to be true.

When you are a new car rental client, it can be difficult to make the decision to rent a car for the first time, but it’s never too late to make a decision.

If you’re willing to take a gamble, then you should rent a rental car.

The most affordable car rental agencies I found are listed on

For $5 a day, you can get the perfect rental car for $100,000.

You can also get the car that will last a lifetime for $600,000 per car.

If that sounds too good of a deal, you could be on to something.

This article originally appeared at the LA Times and is republished with permission.