You might be tempted to rent your car and take it to a nearby business.

But the truth is, that’s a bad idea.

You can find many car rental companies in the Middle East and other parts of the world that are not so safe.

I’m talking about car rental services that are owned and operated by a foreign company, and are not regulated by the UAE’s government.

Many car rental firms are registered in Dubai.

But that doesn’t mean they’re regulated.

This is the case with Carrentals, a car rental service that operates in Dubai and elsewhere.

The company’s website advertises a “free car rental” in Dubai from “anywhere in the world”.

“Anywhere in Dubai,” it says.

“No matter where you are, any time of the day, anytime of the week, anytime you need a car.


For a price.

All day.

Any time.”

This was the pitch of the company’s CEO, Rami Awwad, a former diplomat who went on to become the UAE minister for tourism and sport.

It was also the pitch for a car hire company that was not registered in the Emirati government.

It was not listed as a car-rental service in the official registration documents.

It didn’t appear on any government websites, either.

It wasn’t even registered on Dubai’s “Official Tax Register”.

Car rental companies that operate in Dubai are not subject to the UAE government’s regulations.

But this was one of them.

A car rental company advertises its services in Dubai on its website.

In September 2016, the government of the UAE banned car rental businesses that operate outside of the country.

The government said it was cracking down on the “illegal and fraudulent business practices” of car rental agencies and that “car rental businesses must operate in accordance with all relevant regulations, rules and requirements”.

It also banned car-sharing and “car-rentals”.

Since then, Dubai has imposed a number of other regulations on car rental.

The government has also banned foreign car rental operators.

Dubai has also tightened its regulations around the car rental industry, requiring foreign car rentals to register with the government.

The law also makes it harder for foreign car owners to rent cars and to buy them outright.

And the UAE is now the only country in the region that requires car rental owners to register their vehicles.

While foreign car hire companies are not required to register in the country, they must register with government authorities and pay a fee of at least Dh10,000 ($1,400).

That fee covers the cost of registration, insurance and any additional maintenance required.

So why do car rental car rental sites operate in the Emirates?

Because of the car lobby.

There are a number companies that make the car-share business viable in the Gulf states, especially in the past few years.

One of the largest is Carrental.

But Carrent, which operates in the UK, is registered in UAE.

Carrent also operates in some other countries in the Arab world.

According to the UK’s Independent, it is one of the UK companies that “was granted a licence by the UK government to operate in Abu Dhabi for the purpose of promoting car sharing in the city”.

It also operates a car sharing service called Car2go in Dubai, and it recently began offering cars to customers in Dubai’s Red Sea resort of Ras Al Khaimah.

Then there is the car sharing company, which is registered as a foreign entity in Dubai but that does not actually operate in UAE at all.

Cars for hire are not allowed to be rented to residents of the United Arab Emirates.

As such, the Dubai government regulates the cars available for rental in Dubai to ensure that the cars are safe and are registered and insured.

When I spoke to Carrent in the United Kingdom, a spokesperson for Carrent told me that the company “has been registered with the authorities in Dubai for more than a decade, and has a robust system in place to ensure the safety of the vehicles being used”.

There is no mention of Carrent’s car-shared service on its site.

Other car rental websites are also owned by foreign companies.

Al-Jazeera, a Dubai-based TV channel, has a car renting service that has been operating since 2009.

It offers cars in Dubai in a range of models, from cheap to luxurious, and in a variety of colours and styles.

On its website, the channel says it “represents all types of vehicles from luxury sedans to sports cars to the latest luxury sports cars and trucks”.

Other UAE car rental site operators include Mango, a vehicle-renting site in the capital Abu Dhabi, which offers vehicles for rental from a range, from bargain-basement prices to luxury vehicles. Mango also