Canada has the world’s largest car rental market, but there are a few major factors that will determine the success of a rental deal, according to a report released Wednesday.

In Canada, car rental companies must adhere to strict rules that apply to all property owners and operators.

Car rental companies can’t charge more than $50 per day per vehicle for a one-night stay.

The Canadian Association of Car Rental Companies says the rental rules are so strict that some companies are struggling to find drivers for their rental cars.

The association’s chief executive officer, Mike O’Neill, said rental car companies are not offering many cars, which limits how many people can use a car, which drives the economy and which reduces the need for a car rental company.

“In Canada today, there are only about 3,000 car rental services, about 2,000 of which are small and medium-sized businesses,” O’Neil said.

“Those companies that are big, have the largest fleets and those have the highest occupancy rates.

They’re the ones that are able to afford to provide a car for the people they rent to.”

The Canadian Automobile Association says car rental operators in the country pay the highest rent in the world.

It says Canadian renters pay about $1,400 per month for a rental car.

The rental industry is still struggling to recover from the collapse of the car rental industry in the U.S., which is why O’Malley and other rental car industry executives say the Canadian market is better equipped for car rentals than the U,S.

and the U-K.

While rental car operators may not be as competitive in the long run as they were in the US, the Canadian rental industry still has a lot of upside.

O’Leary, who founded the rental business, said the U S. has a much better business climate than Canada and has an advantage in attracting high-quality talent.

“The biggest challenge for us in Canada is getting a good, solid, long-term investment,” O.

Leary said.

He said the Canadian auto industry is not a viable model for car rental businesses, since the industry has not yet been able to reach a sufficient number of rental cars to support an industry.

O.L. is also a member of the Canadian Federation of Car Rentals.

O’Leary said it will take time for the rental industry to recover, especially after the recession hit.

“We are going to have to find a way to make sure we are creating the right supply of cars for people,” O.’

Leary said, adding that it will also take time to build up demand in the rental market and make sure people understand that it is not easy to get a car.

“Car rentals in Canada are still fairly competitive, but the rental car market is struggling to attract drivers and there are still fewer than 100 car rental firms in the entire country.