Disney Cruise Line has announced that it will be making a new car rental program available in Alaska, one that will allow guests to rent cars at a fair and ride.

The company says the Fairbanks, Alaska-based resort is offering “two-day cruise vacations and two-night stay packages,” as well as a “car rental and camping experience” for up to two guests.

The Fairbanks Resort offers both luxury cruises and short-stay cruise packages, and includes amenities like a resort restaurant, restaurants, pool, fitness center, gym, and even a spa, all in one place.

For more information on the Fairgrounds, visit the Fairhaven website.

The fairgrounds is part of Disney’s Alaska-specific Fairbanks resort complex, which includes Disney’s resort hotels, hotels and condominiums.

Fairbanks also offers Disney theme parks in addition to Disney California Adventure park, as well the Disney Springs Resort and Disney California Fantasy theme parks.

The resort also offers a wide array of attractions, including a large indoor water park, water sports facilities, and a roller coaster.

According to the Fairbank site, guests can book at least three days in advance and are guaranteed to be able to get in to the fairgrounds and meet their guests at the fair on the first day of the booking.

The fairgrounds also offers car rental packages that allow guests the opportunity to book up to six car rentals.

Disney says it has more than 100 fairgrounds throughout Alaska, and Fairbanks is no exception.