PITTSTON — You’re in Pittsburgh, and you’ve been searching for a car for a while.

If you’re lucky enough to live near a USAA, you’ve probably been asked about car rentals.

It seems like every time you search, you get the same answer: you can’t afford it.

So what do you do?

You don’t get a rental.

You’re not alone.

About 15% of Americans live in a car-dependent household, according to a new report by Car Rental Experts, a nonprofit organization that researches the industry.

And for many of those, it’s a bad experience.

The survey of 1,000 car rental consumers in Pittsburgh showed that more than one in five renters say they have to cut back on the number of cars they drive, with a third saying they can’t drive as much as they used to because of health issues.

About 40% say they’ve already cut back or have stopped paying their lease, while more than half of renters say their car has cost them more than they anticipated.

While some are stuck with a car that they can barely afford, others have found the need to find another.

Car Rental experts, however, say many are willing to work with USAA and make the necessary modifications.

Car rental companies often charge a one-time fee, but car rental companies like USAA don’t charge upfront for car rentals, so car rentals can often be a lot cheaper if you find a rental company that takes the time to negotiate a price that works for you.

The USAA survey found that drivers were most likely to use the company’s “Car Renter Credit Card” to make their car reservations.USAA says it offers the credit card to “select customers who are willing and able to make the adjustment needed to meet their car rental needs.”

USAA says the credit is good for one year, but it may be available for up to three years if you’re approved for a second credit card.USIA says it’s not required for a renter to use its credit card, but many renters have found that they may need to.

Car rentals in Pittsburgh were a popular choice for renters in 2014, but the industry has seen a steep decline since then.

Car rentals are down 35% since 2010, according, to Car Renter Experts, with many cities seeing a drop of up to 50%.

USAA estimates that there are between 2.7 million and 3.8 million rental car reservations a year in the U.S., with many more cars booked.

“When you’re dealing with an individual who is not the typical customer of a car service provider, it becomes very difficult for them to find the right rental for them,” says John O’Connell, USAA’s chief operating officer.

O’Connell says many people who make car reservations online are using USAA or other rental companies.

USAA also has partnerships with local car rental agencies.

The problem isn’t limited to the car rental industry.

According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, fewer than half (47%) of renters said they used their car for at least part of their commute in 2015.

And that’s not all.

Many renters are also using their car as an investment.

“I’ve seen people who are renting cars and they’ve had to buy a house because of their financial situation,” says O’Connor.