Posted September 16, 2018 08:25:53I used to rent a car online but now I’m renting a car with a real person, not an app, and it’s cheaper than the Uber ride.

I recently got into car rental company Aarp, a small, US-based company with only a few hundred employees.

Aarp is a little more than a ride-sharing app, it’s an actual rental company.

Aarp says it’s also more reliable than Uber and Lyft, but I’ve only had the company for a few months.

The company’s main goal is to make renting cars as easy as it is for people to do online.

AARP lets you search for a rental car and get a list of available cars for your vehicle.

You can then rent the car in advance and get paid for the ride.

The car you get is essentially a car rental app that will show you cars for rent.

You pick a rental period, time, and distance, then get the vehicle for a fixed price.

The company’s site is slick and easy to navigate, but when I signed up for a car, I had to fill out some information.

I had a driver’s license and a car registration number.

I also had a picture of my license and vehicle registration number on file, along with some other information.

The app didn’t require that I have an AARP card or AARP membership.

The first few days of the car rental were rough.

When I was ready to pick up my car, Aarp sent me an email with the information I’d need.

The email asked me to fill in the information so that Aarp could send me the vehicle.

I filled out the information, but it took me a few days to get the email.

The next day, the app said the vehicle had been picked up, and I was on my way.

I picked up the car at the Aarp parking lot.

When we got there, the rental car was empty, with the door open and the keys still in the ignition.

I checked the keys.

There was no key.

I asked Aarp about the keys, and they told me they were just a standard keychain.

The next day I picked up my rental car.

A car rental is just an app.

It’s like Uber or Lyft, except you get a car instead of a ride.

You need a car to rent it, not to get it.

You have to have a car.

The rental company will pay you for the car you rent, and the car will need to be at least two years old and have been registered to a specific person.

You can only rent one car a month.

AARP charges a flat rate of $10 for the first car and $15 for each additional car.

You pay Aarp for the next two vehicles, and AARP then gets a cut of the profit from the rentals.

The price of a rental is based on the distance from the AARP parking lot to the rental location.

For example, a car in the San Francisco Bay area would cost about $5,000 a month if it’s rented from the parking lot at the rental center.

If it’s rentable from the nearest AARP center, the price drops to $3,000.AARP charges rent for vehicles for a total of two years.

When you leave the rental site and return to Aarp’s website, the company will deduct from the amount you paid for that rental, the cost of the vehicle you rented, and any extra money you’ve paid to rent the vehicle back.

If you have a problem with the AARp app, AARps website is pretty helpful.

It has a number of troubleshooting options for users, including setting up a backup file so you can revert back to the same rental car when things go wrong.

AARS website also has a handy guide on how to get an AARpc account, which is free to sign up for.AARpc has more than just cars and rentals.

The service also offers a “home” and “personal” car rental.

The former is for two people, and can be used as a short-term rental for longer periods of time.

The latter is for a shorter period of time, but can be rented for a limited time.

I chose the “home rental” car for $1,400, which included a two-year rental period.

My car was rented out for two weeks, and my rent was $1.50 per day.

I rented it for three days and paid $7.99 per day for the entire rental period and $11.99 for the month.

I paid $20 per day in rent for the rental period for the personal car, which was also two weeks long.

I paid $3.79 per day, or $7,600 per month.

That’s more than I’d pay for the actual rental car in a typical month.

The rental car cost me $3 a day,