Asheville, North Carolina, resident and owner of the car rental website Bj’s Car Rental said he has seen the rise of car rental companies in the city, and he thinks they are just the tip of the iceberg.

“We have had some big growth in the last couple of years, but the car rentals are getting bigger and bigger,” he said.

Bj’s Car Rentals, which has locations in North Carolina and South Carolina, rents out rental cars to residents of Asheville and surrounding areas.

The company offers a variety of cars, including minivans, vans, and SUVs.

Bj’s offers rentals in the Asheville area, which also includes parts of North Carolina.

He said he believes it is the next big thing in the car industry.

The growth in car rentals in Asheville has been driven by an influx of car owners looking to rent their vehicles for short periods of time.

“They want to have a car that’s always available for a day or two, or maybe longer,” he told ABC News.

The rise in car rental rentals in cities across the country has been largely driven by people who are looking for more convenient and cost-effective ways to get around.

“Car rental companies are growing because of the increased demand, and the cost of owning a car is going up because of a variety more options that are available to people,” said Jessica Wigdor, senior analyst at Rentrak, a rental market data company.

According to Rentrak’s figures, the average car rental is now $2,639, and in the past year, rental car rentals have risen more than 70%.

The company also says that rental car rental growth has not been evenly distributed across the United States.

“In other parts of the country, car rental rental growth is greater in metropolitan areas,” said Wigdo.

“In rural areas, car rentals do not necessarily increase as much as in cities.

That is why in some cities there is less growth than in others.”

According to Wigdors research, Asheville’s car rentals growth has also slowed in recent years.

“The growth of car rentals has been slower than it has been in other parts in the state,” she said.

“Our rental growth in recent decades was more in urban areas.

As a result, it is a smaller area than other parts.”

Wigdor said the rental industry has seen some of its growth come from a lack of competition from online car rental service, as car rental sites are becoming more popular.

“There is more competition in the rental space, but that’s probably the biggest thing driving it,” she told

In the past few years, some states have passed laws aimed at cracking down on car rental fraud.

The new legislation has been met with some opposition, however, with some legislators questioning whether it is going to have the desired effect.

“What they’re trying to do is create a regulatory framework that is going too far,” said Rep. Tim Walberg, R-N.J., a member of the House Judiciary Committee.

“We’re talking about a lot of laws and regulations that are going to do little to actually improve the situation, and make it harder for people to find a car rental in the first place.”

Wagdors advice to people looking to lease a car for a short time: “Try not to get into it unless you really need to.”