The National Association of Home Builders is taking the lead in making rental car services more affordable for consumers.

Its new Consumer Rental Car Guide includes the latest rental car data.

The guide, which is part of a national rental car registry, offers information on rental cars, vehicles with pre-owned and used parts, and what to expect when renting one.

The NAAHB, which represents about 30,000 homebuilders, has partnered with the National Auto Dealers Association to produce the guide.

The association has partnered to offer up to $200 in cash to consumers who rent their own cars for less than $1,000.

The guide has been published online, but NAAGB will have to go to stores to get the text, which will be available at local retailers on Friday.

Consumers will be able to rent cars at the NAAHC stores starting next week.

The NAAHD will release its guide on March 27.