A car rental company in Florida is offering its customers the opportunity to rent a car for a fraction of the cost of traditional car rental companies.

The TallahASsee Car Rental Company said it had been in the business of renting cars for about 20 years, but it had not always been profitable.

It now has a fleet of around 30 cars that it rents for around $100 a day.

Owner and CEO Mike Fournier said the company had to make tough decisions to survive and grow.

“I’ve always been a firm believer in the power of small business,” he said.

‘We’re the most affordable car rental on the planet’The company, which is based in Tallulah, has a network of clients in the state of Florida, the US and Canada.

Mr Fourniers said the average price of a rental car was about $1,600 a day, with the company renting cars at about 10 to 20 per cent below the average cost.

He said the reason for the price increase was because they were “so inexpensive”.

“We’re able to offer the lowest prices, the lowest rental rates and, most importantly, we’re the only car rental business in Tallahoassee that has a presence in the US,” Mr Fourniest said. 

Mr Farrow said the firm had been looking at alternative ways to continue its business.

“(There is) a big gap in the market, in terms of rental rates,” he told ABC News.

One way the company is looking to fill that gap is to offer its clients the opportunity of renting a car that they already own.

”Our business model has been that we’re going to be leasing cars that we own, which means we don’t have to pay for the car and we don to take on any additional maintenance,” Mr Poynton said.”

We are offering the option of buying a car at a discount, which will save you a lot of money and the cost that you have to carry on your lease, and then renting it when you need it.

“He said his firm was also considering increasing its fleet of cars to more than 40.

Tallahassee’s car rental industry is booming, with more than 30,000 rental cars currently registered.