VANCOUVER, British Columbia — The first car rental company in Canada opened its doors in the Vancouver suburb of Surrey last year.

The new business, Car2Go, aims to bring affordable cars and vans to the city.

The car rental site is just one of the many businesses that offer car-rental services in the Greater Vancouver area, including the Car2GO CarRental store and the Car-Rental Service on Victoria Street, which has the largest selection of rental cars in the city, according to Car2go’s founder and CEO, Robert Van Den Bunt.

Car2Go operates in the suburbs of Surrey and Richmond, and has its headquarters in the suburb of Burbank, which is the home to Car 2Go’s Surrey headquarters.

It has an extensive network of car-sharing services, including Car2pool, Car-share, and Car2hare.

Van Den Bun said Car2Goo is the “best car rental in the world.”

The company is now offering rentals for cars and van, including a van-sharing service, as well as a car-share vehicle service.

Car 2Go, which began in 2010, has expanded to offer rentals in the downtown core and the West End.

Car 2Goo’s Vancouver offices also have a location at the University of British Columbia.

Van den Bunt said his company is looking to expand its network and is looking for a large vehicle to rent.

The company’s Vancouver office has about 150 cars and around 500 vans available for rent, according the company.

Van Den Bun said the company also offers car-hailing services in its service area.

Van der Bunt told The Associated Press that Car2 Go has a number of features to help ensure safety.

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