RTE 4 Renting a car in the Maui resort of Lanai is a way of life.

The local tourism board says it’s a way to spend more time with family, get out of the house, and enjoy a nice vacation.

It’s also a good way to get the locals to get out and explore.

The board says this year, the island is going to have its largest influx of visitors since the 1950s.

It also says this influx will boost tourism to the island and attract visitors to other parts of the state.

“There is a great interest in the tourism industry, and the influx of tourists will really help us, to provide a good return to the people who come here to visit,” said John O’Sullivan, CEO of the Lanai Resort Board.

A lot of people rent cars on the island, which is a pretty nice way to stay home, especially if you’re going on a vacation.

O’Reilly says Lanai’s population is just under 5,000, and they have about a million visitors a year.

“We’re talking about over 10 million people,” he said.

“And that’s a lot of visitors coming to this island every year.

It is the number one resort in the world, and that’s not a coincidence.”

The tourism board is asking for $15,000 to hire two more drivers for the weekend, but the demand is outstripping the supply.

The number of rentals has tripled since last year, and it’s also up from the previous year.

Overnight rentals in Maui have more than doubled in recent years, and this year it’s going to hit $20,000.

Ola and Uber have a similar business model, and O’Leary says that in addition to driving around the island getting a bit of an edge, they also have an opportunity to get people to the resort for a couple of nights.

“That’s really good for tourism,” he explained.

Lanai also has a small car park for people to use for overnight rental, as well as a hotel and other businesses, including a restaurant and some bars. “

If you want to see a village, you can get there by car and get there at 8 o’clock, but if you want a lot more of that, then you’re probably better off renting your car, and then going out for a few hours.”

Lanai also has a small car park for people to use for overnight rental, as well as a hotel and other businesses, including a restaurant and some bars.

OLA says its customers are coming from all over the world and from around the world.

The company says it had more than 300,000 car rentals booked last year.

Lanai has also experienced an increase in the number of people visiting the island.

The tourism agency says it expects the number to climb to about 4 million by 2019, but O’Brien says there’s no indication when this will happen.

“This is going through a very rapid growth, and we have no idea when it’s even going to happen,” he added.

OLa said the trend is a result of tourism companies that cater to those who want to spend their weekends away from home, and also those who like the idea of being able to travel for a short time without worrying about traffic.

But he says the trend will likely continue for a while.

“The car rental industry is booming,” he says.

“It is going in a way that we are not happy with, and some of it is going out of control.”