The biggest sellers of auto rental services include Tesla, Ford, Ford Fusion, General Motors and Mercedes-Benz.

According to a report released by research firm iResearch, there were 2.7 million car rental companies in the United States in 2014, up from 2.1 million in 2014.

While Tesla has been growing, the number of rental companies has remained flat.

It has been gaining market share for years.

Tesla is the biggest seller of car rental services with 1.7% of the market, according to iResearch.

Tesla has a global fleet of about 7.5 million vehicles.

The company has a presence in 17 states, and has 3.3 million customers in the state of Michigan.

A year ago, Tesla had a fleet of around 1.5 billion vehicles.

Ford is the largest seller of cars with 1% of global car rental marketshare.

Its fleet is about 1.4 billion vehicles, and it has 1.3 billion customers in North America.

General Motors, with 2.4% market share, has the largest fleet of 1.2 billion vehicles and has more than 4.5% of North American car rental market.

Mercedes- Benz is the second largest car rental company with 1%.

Its global fleet is more than 3.2 trillion vehicles and it holds a global market share of nearly 4%.

A year earlier, Mercedes-Buss has a fleet nearly 2 billion vehicles with 1%, and it held a global share of more than 8%.

General Motors is the third largest car rentals company with a market share over 2%.

It has a market of over 3.8 trillion vehicles, with over 2% of that coming from North America and Europe.

iResearch also looked at the number and percentage of drivers and renters who drove to the car rental locations.

The most popular vehicle rental locations for car rental were in the Midwest, the Northeast and the Southeast, with the highest number of renters in the Northeast.

The number of car rentals on average per year was about 10.7 rentals per year in 2014 from Detroit to Chicago, and about 10 rentals per week from Detroit, New York and Washington, D.C. This represents a decrease of nearly 50% over the past decade.

The median rental prices for all rental vehicles increased by over 10% over that time period.

A car rental is typically a one-time purchase.

The customer must pay the upfront cost and the vehicle must be returned within a certain amount of time.

A recent study by research company eMarketer found that drivers who paid for their rental car by car were about two times more likely to rent it in the next year than drivers who did not.

However, the study did not look at drivers who rented the vehicle online or at a gas station.

The average cost for a one day rental at a rental car dealership was $639, according the eMarketers study.

Tesla had the most expensive car rental vehicles in 2014 with a vehicle priced at $67,000.

General Dynamics and Mercedes had the second and third highest price points for rental cars in the country.

The study found that Tesla had two times as many drivers who had paid for a car rental as the next most expensive vehicle.

The cost per day to rent a Tesla was about $2,827, according eMarkers data.

Tesla also had the largest number of drivers who drove a rental vehicle.

There were 2,735,200 drivers in 2014 who drove rental cars.

The top three rental car companies were General Motors with 2,1 million, Ford with 1,818,600 and Mercedes with 1