Japan’s leading car rental company, Ogilvy & Marsh, is planning to launch a car rental program at Ginza station.

The company said in a statement on Tuesday that it plans to open car rental services in Tokyo and other cities, with a goal of opening three car rental centers in each city.

“We will provide services that will appeal to people who are searching for a reliable and affordable car rental option, and we will be ready to help people to secure a new vehicle as soon as possible,” said Hiroshi Kamiya, the head of Ogilvys car rental unit, in a company statement.

The company is planning a fleet of up to 250 cars and a service fee of 3,500 yen ($290) for a one-way rental car.

The vehicles are expected to be available at the three centers, which will be run by Ogilvertics private car rental agency.

A new trend in Japan: Car rental companies.

Here’s how to get started with car rental companies in Japan.

Japan’s auto rental market has become a bit of a trend lately, with many people opting to rent their own cars rather than rent from companies such as Uber and Car2Go, which charge a fee for drivers and are widely perceived as a more efficient option.

In April, Ogillys announced plans to build its first auto rental business in Tokyo.

In July, Toyota Motor Corp. also launched its own auto rental service, Car2go, in Tokyo, with more than 400 rental vehicles available to drive in.