The future of the Toro Car rental business is uncertain as Toro’s mayor, Michael Cappello, prepares to sell off its fleet of rental cars.

The move comes as the city prepares to implement a new property tax levy, which has the potential to raise more than $1 billion over the next five years.

A spokeswoman for Toro City Council said the move is aimed at keeping Toro affordable.

But Toro residents are concerned about the impact the new tax would have on rental car companies.

“If you look at the market, it’s not going to be a great time to buy a car,” Toro resident and Toro city councillor Ken Kwon told

“The prices are going to go up a lot.

Toro car company Toro Auto has been running Toro-owned cars for 20 years. “

You’re going to see people who aren’t even looking to get into rental car business, because they’re not going for the price.”

Toro car company Toro Auto has been running Toro-owned cars for 20 years.

It is one of the only rental car services to still be operating in the city, as more cars are sold at lower prices.

However, Toro Mayor Michael Cappa says it is too soon to say if he will continue operating the Toros.

“It is too early to say,” Mr Cappa said.

“We will see how this tax works out, but we are confident it will help the city with its future tax revenue.”

Toros tax increases are likely to hit the Toronados economy harder than those of other cities in California, which is a state with a much lower tax rate.

“California is one that is a big economic force in the state of California,” Mr Kwon said.

It’s also a state that’s known for having a robust and healthy rental industry.

Mr Cappella said he expects to be able to keep the Toroes cars operating.

“As I look at it, I can see it working out pretty well,” he said.

The city will now be able sell its remaining Toro cars.

Mr Kwan said the city would be prepared to continue renting out cars in the future, but the plan was to sell them in a way that would keep Toro safe.

“What’s important to us is that we are doing everything we can to maintain Toro as a city, not just a rental car,” Mr Hwang said. contacted Toro for comment.

News of the city’s plans to sell the cars was first reported by local media.

Toro is one-quarter of the way through the sale process.

Toros sales are expected to be completed by the end of the year.