With all the hype surrounding car rental companies, it can be tempting to make the decision to book an overnight trip or a week-long trip, when you can save money and enjoy a longer stay.

But the best car rental car deals in Perth are usually booked for the next few weeks or months, and there are a few key things to look out for when considering whether a booking is a good idea.

Read moreA new study by The Conversation found that people are less likely to book overnight car rentals, when compared to the year before.

The research looked at the total number of car rentals booked in Perth and across the city’s suburbs.

People who had booked overnight car rental were also less likely than those who had only booked a month-long stay to report having received a refund, or not received a credit at all, in return for the rental.

The report found that the average refund rate was $6, and for a $10 per-night deposit the average amount was $20.

The average deposit was also significantly lower than in other cities, and the average deposit in the Greater Perth area was $18.

The study found that there was a gap in how people reported receiving refunds in the past, and that the lack of an online refund system meant many people had missed out on a good deal.

The most popular reasons for not getting a refund included the following:Not being able to provide a valid credit card, as well as the fact that there are no refunds in some areas, or the lack to offer a refund if a payment is made within 60 days of booking.

While the report found no significant difference in the types of car deals people booked, the research also found that car rental services had increased the number of nights booked and the number people were spending on car rental in the last few months.

The average cost of a car rental was $2,979, which is $3,890 lower than the year prior.

The cheapest car rental site, carrentalsprings.com, was the most popular site with a rate of $2.99, while the cheapest car park was $1.99.

The latest research by the study also found there was an increase in the number and type of car loans offered to people.

People were more likely to use a loan from a car leasing company, which was $14,000 higher than the previous year.

The study found people who had a car loan were more than twice as likely to receive a payment as those who were not.

While it’s not surprising that people would choose to use more affordable car rental sites, the report also found some people may be more inclined to take out a car insurance policy, as they would be more likely if there was more of a guarantee on the car.

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