We’re not usually big fans of these sorts of posts, but we’re really digging the IndyCar races here in the Midwest and so we wanted to write about them. 

IndyCar’s opening round of the season was just a little bit rough. 

There were a couple of races that ended up being pretty close, but the first half of the year was a lot better than the second half. 

It’s been a bit of a rough year for the Indy cars, especially in 2017. 

The IndyCar Series has been struggling with reliability issues since the end of last season. 

They have had a handful of accidents, a number of crashes, and the drivers have been out of commission for a long time. 

This year has been no different. 

Drivers are out of the car for a lot of races, but they’re often not in the car when the teams need them.

There’s a lot going on in the sport these days, and this is a perfect opportunity for drivers to get their bearings and see how things are going to be going forward. 

We’ll be posting more about the Indy car racing this year as we continue to track it.