Lubbocks police say they have been made aware of a video showing a car rental company taking customers by surprise and refusing to provide the rental vehicle they had been ordered to provide.

The video, posted to YouTube, has attracted thousands of views.

Police say they received complaints about a company called CarRentalLubbock after they received an email from a customer who said a rental car had been rented to her for $1,500.

The company denied the accusation and police say that when they contacted the company they found out it was in fact a company based in New Orleans.

“We’ve been made to understand the company was based in Louisiana and they were in contact with the customer to make sure she got the rental car,” Lubboc Police Chief Mike Allen told the News-Press on Monday.

“And we were made aware that that rental car was in New York and that it was supposed to be in New Lubbons.”

He added that the car rental firm is “not the problem”.

“We’re working with the Lubbos County Attorney’s office to get this resolved and it’s going to take time,” Allen said.

The News-News has requested comment from the company but was unable to reach them for comment.

The Lubboville Police Department has been working with local and state law enforcement agencies to find out what happened.

“Our focus right now is on getting to the bottom of this situation and bringing some closure to our community,” Littrell Police Chief Brian Gadd told the newspaper.

“There are no criminal charges against the people who rented the vehicle, and we’re going to pursue them as far as we can.”

The Littleville Police Chief said he believed the video was the work of someone “familiar with the city” and that the company had been notified of the alleged incident by a business associate.

The police department’s Facebook page posted a video on Monday that showed the vehicle being towed to a storage facility.

“It was a vehicle that had been parked in our parking lot,” Allen told ABC News.

“They called us because the owner had left it on the lot.”

Lubbones Police Chief Jeff Dolan said in a statement that the department was aware of the video, but that it had been taken down.

“I can confirm that this video has been taken offline, but the Littlers Police Department continues to investigate this matter,” Dolan wrote.

“The video that was posted on Facebook on Monday, and subsequently deleted, is no longer available for viewing.”

“We are currently in the process of reviewing the situation and will take whatever action is necessary,” Dolas said.

“All information shared by Littles police is being reviewed by the LITTLES police department to determine what action is appropriate and appropriate to ensure this does not happen again.”

Allen said that the video could be of a rental vehicle or a private business.

“When a car is leased for $900, it’s a pretty substantial sum,” Allen added.

“If you’re going with a car that’s not yours, you’re basically making a deal with someone else to get you a car.”

Littelis Police Chief David McLeod told the Litchfield Daily Times that he was concerned about the incident, but not in a personal capacity.

“In my position, I am not involved in this matter, but I will say that I am concerned about it, and I have concerns about the circumstances around the situation,” he told the paper.

“But I can assure you that the LITTLIS police department is doing everything they can to get to the root of this, to determine the facts surrounding this matter.”

LITTELIS, TX – APRIL 01: The car rental service is seen in this photo provided by CarRescue Lubbies, Texas, on April 1, 2017 in Littlins, Texas.

A Littler Police Department officer walks in a parking lot of a company that operates in the town of Littls, Texas in this handout photo provided on April 2, 2017.

Littllis, Texas – APRILL 01: Police officers stand in front of the CarRac-Littles rental car rental facility in Littells, Texas on April 3, 2017, on May 11, 2017 | Getty Images