Uber drivers to get a break on Massachusetts fines

CARRINGTON, Mass.— Drivers who rent cars for work are getting a break from a new law that limits their pay to $200 a day, according to the Boston Globe.The law was introduced by Massachusetts Gov.Deval Patrick in 2016 to prevent taxi drivers from taking $200 for every ride in their vehicles.That’s far more than many […]

How to rent a car online from car rental in the UK

The UK is home to the most expensive car rental websites in the world, with the average UK rental for a car costing £2,200. However, if you want to rent an expensive car, it may be a good idea to book it with a car rental agency. In the UK, the cost of a car can vary […]

Why renting an Rental car is worth it to your wallet

A quick comparison of car rental options can give you a great sense of how much you’re spending each month on car rentals.Here’s how you can see if a car rental company is right for you.

Why car rental companies are undervalued

The global rental sector is undervalued by more than $1 trillion, according to research firm Morgan Stanley.The research firm said it had compiled a list of the 50 most valuable car rental firms around the world and said the median valuations of the companies stood at $1,000 per share.Morgan Stanley said its research showed that […]

Cash car rentals in Hawaii? Now that’s a challenge

Cash car rental sites have long been the rage in Hawaii.And now they are getting more popular in the islands home state of Hawaii, as people seek to save money and make extra money.But if you’re not familiar with the process of buying a car rental, here are a few quick facts about the process.1.You […]

How to get your car rented in Tijuana

The Mexican capital is the hub of the world’s car rental industry, and that’s a lot of cars.While it’s easy to rent a car in the US, renting a car is not cheap.Here’s how to rent one in Mexico. [ IGN ]

Which car rental company will be the next to drop out of business?

A few months ago, I was working on an article for a company that makes car rentals.As I was writing, I started to think about the car rental industry, and the question that popped into my head was “which car rental service will go the next day?”My answer was that they are going to dropout […]

Why did I decide to rent an apartment instead of renting an apartment in Indianapolis?

We’re not usually big fans of these sorts of posts, but we’re really digging the IndyCar races here in the Midwest and so we wanted to write about them. IndyCar’s opening round of the season was just a little bit rough. There were a couple of races that ended up being pretty close, but the first half […]

Car rental rates across the world, based on car rental website, are up, according to the UK government

A few months ago, the UK’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills launched the UK Car Rental website, which aims to help businesses make sense of the new rental market.The site includes information on car prices, car rental agencies, car ownership, insurance, leasing and more.In this article, we’re taking a look at the top-ranking sites […]

When the government takes your car from you, it’s a bad thing

When the Government took away your car, you probably felt like it was your fault.But now, after a lengthy legal battle, it seems you may not have to feel guilty about getting your car back.The UK government is set to start charging rental car companies for the privilege of letting you drive it.It has also […]

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