A Cheap Car Rental Guide for Kaumazoo and Expedia’s Car Rents

In addition to renting cheap car rental properties in South Australia, Expedia and Kaum, the company also has a car rental service in the capital city of Adelaide. The Kaumazi, a luxury car rental company, has two car rental options available in Adelaide, and the first is the Kaumafontein and the second is the Adelaide Car […]

Which Arizona Cardinals players would be better in the NFL?

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer said that his decision on whether to stay or go for another season will be a “personal one” after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour.Palmer will be out for four to six months, but the Cardinals are planning to start him back in the lineup in a few weeks.Palmer […]

What to expect from the auto rental industry in 2017

The rental car industry is going through a major shake-up.While the rental industry is growing, many companies are shrinking.The biggest change is that many companies have begun offering insurance for rental cars, which can result in lower rates for customers.The rental industry will not be immune to the downturn, however.The major rental car insurers are […]

The biggest drivers in the U.S. car rental industry.

The biggest sellers of auto rental services include Tesla, Ford, Ford Fusion, General Motors and Mercedes-Benz.According to a report released by research firm iResearch, there were 2.7 million car rental companies in the United States in 2014, up from 2.1 million in 2014.While Tesla has been growing, the number of rental companies has remained flat.It […]

How to book a car rental from Cara in Italy

You can book a rental car from Caras Italian restaurant, but there’s a catch: you’ll need to show proof of insurance. The restaurant is also an exclusive, so you won’t find a cheaper alternative to visiting the country. It has a lovely restaurant atmosphere, which is perfect for a date night or just relaxing after a long […]

Why You Shouldn’t Go on the Couch in the UK

I’m a big believer in couch surfing.You know the one: you’re out and about, and you’re just chilling with friends and you’ve got a good night’s sleep.It’s not that it’s a bad idea, mind you.I’ve seen the benefits and even the downsides of it.And I’ve also seen the upsides.I love couch surfing, and I love […]

How to get the best deal on rental cars in NYC

It’s not that the rental market is a one-stop-shop for car purchases.You can always find a car for the right price in New York City, or you can go to the local mall or garage for a better deal.But it’s much easier to find a good deal on a rental car, especially when it comes […]

Why the ‘luxury car rental’ industry is growing so fast

It’s the most expensive and fastest growing segment of the luxury car industry, but it’s also the most unregulated.That’s because unlike other rental car companies, luxury car rentals have no legal requirement for rental car insurance, which makes it possible for people to drive cars that don’t meet the law.Now, one group of researchers wants […]

How to rent a car in Portland

If you’ve been searching for a new car rental car in the Portland metro area, this article will help.Read moreRead morePortland has the third-highest number of rental car companies, according to an annual report from the National Association of Car Rental Agencies.And with a growing number of small businesses in the metro area and the […]

How to find a car rental near you in Idaho

A lot of things can happen when you’re moving to a new state.It’s always hard to plan ahead.But if you have a few months to kill before your car rental comes up for renewal, here are some of the tips you might want to consider.1.Make sure you can afford it.The cheapest car rental in Idaho […]

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