What is national car rental?

Here’s a list of the top national car rentals in America and Canada.Car rental is a common form of transportation for people who can’t afford to buy their own car.It can be the only way to get to work or school, or to a vacation destination.Here’s what you need to know about national car renting.1.How […]

Man who took a cab with a knife on carousel on Sydney’s Carousel was fined

A man who drove a taxi in Sydney’s city carousel with a large blade has been fined.The Sydney Taxi Commission fined a 45-year-old man, who was also wearing a mask, for carrying a knife in the carousel, near the Kings Cross railway station, on March 27.It is not clear if the man was acting in […]

The best car rentals in the world

The Philippines is one of the best countries to rent a car in the entire world.In fact, Filipinos are so fond of driving that even though they live in one of America’s most expensive cities, they still like to take it easy on the streets.As such, a car rental company is a must for any […]

Rental car delivery company wants you to know what’s on your car rental list

Rental cars are on the market in increasing numbers.Many car rental companies have noticed a rise in demand for rental cars.Many are looking for ways to help their customers save money.BBC Sport looked at the top 25 rental car companies in Australia and New Zealand and found they were all looking for savings.If you’re looking […]

Which new car rental sites offer the cheapest prices?

There are many reasons why car rental companies have the most to gain from an investment in technology.Car rental companies are able to sell the vehicles at lower prices due to their higher occupancy rates, better technology and a higher turnover rate.This means they can attract more customers and make more money per customer.However, some […]

How to find the perfect car rental for your needs

You might be thinking, “If I only have one car, then what’s the big deal?”Well, we all have a few.But how do you know which one you want to rent?Find out how to pick the right rental car, what to expect, and what you can expect to pay.Read moreRead moreRead full articleWhat are the main […]

Why is the cost of car rental going up?

The cost of a car rental has increased at a faster rate in recent years than in any previous time period in the past 10 years, according to a report released on Wednesday.According to the annual Car Rental Costs Report, which tracks car rental costs in the US, the annual cost of renting a new […]

A Private Car Rental Firm Is Going Public in China

LONDON — Chinese online car rental giant Carvajal has raised $1.5 billion ($1.6 billion) in a new funding round led by US technology company Intuit, the company said on Thursday.Chinese investors, including Chinese state-owned enterprise China Unicom, will support Carvagal in the upcoming two-year cycle, said company spokeswoman Zhao Wei.The funding is a further step […]

When the world’s first car rental company started offering rides in 2017

I spent a few months researching cars for this article, and found out the cars I wanted to rent were all the same.A few weeks ago, I stumbled across the startup Car2go, which lets you rent a car from your smartphone.You can rent a rental car in about three minutes, and it only costs $15.That’s […]

How to pay for a car rental

You may have heard that you can rent a car with a credit card and get a cash payment on it.The trick is to pay with a debit card and pay in full with a PayPal account.You can even rent a used car with the help of an online car rental agency.But the best way […]

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