The new national car renting app is about to change everything for car rental companies like Rent-a-Car and CarRental. Read more

The new app, which is slated to launch later this year, is the brainchild of Yossef Cohen, a former Apple developer who is now a venture capitalist and CEO of startup accelerator has also been a prominent voice in the car rental industry, most recently speaking out against the use of the term “car […]

How to Buy a Car from Private Car Rental in Dubai

Here are some of the best car rental services available in Dubai, including the car rental fees and insurance options available.The car rental company has been known to make a profit from a car sale, but it has also made a lot of money in the past by charging a premium on car rentals, which […]

How to get an Airbnb licence in Ireland

The first wave of Airbnb listings to be authorised in Ireland were issued in June, but the government says the process is still in its infancy.The Irish government is encouraging people to book accommodation through Airbnb and is seeking advice on the viability of this model from the industry.There are currently only about 3,000 Airbnb […]

New Zealand is to pay $7.5 million to help fund new car rental service

New Zealand’s Minister of Transport, Transport Minister Paula Bennett, says the government is prepared to pay up to $7 million to support the launch of a new car booking app in New Zealand.She announced the new fund to help establish the Car Sharing program.The car sharing service will be available in the New Zealand market […]

How to save money when you want a car return and get one

When you want to buy a car, there are many options for car rental companies, but none are as flexible as the rental car company you have been waiting for.Here are a few tips to help you save money on your rental car.1.If you are not a renter, call before you buy The first step […]

Lubbock police: ‘We’re not the problem’

Lubbocks police say they have been made aware of a video showing a car rental company taking customers by surprise and refusing to provide the rental vehicle they had been ordered to provide.The video, posted to YouTube, has attracted thousands of views.Police say they received complaints about a company called CarRentalLubbock after they received an […]

How to rent a car in Austin, California

What to know about car rentals in Austin Texas.Car rental services are plentiful and the selection of rental cars is constantly changing, but the most affordable car rental options in Austin can be found in the town of Austin.The City of Austin is known for its diverse culture and the affordability of its housing options, […]

Japan’s largest airport company says its first car rental service is opening its doors in Tokyo’s Ginza section

Japan’s leading car rental company, Ogilvy & Marsh, is planning to launch a car rental program at Ginza station.The company said in a statement on Tuesday that it plans to open car rental services in Tokyo and other cities, with a goal of opening three car rental centers in each city.“We will provide services that […]

Man who used to rent car in UK dies after falling from tower

A man who used a tower in a south London borough to rent a car in the UK has died after falling over, police said.The death was confirmed on Wednesday by the Met Police.The 55-year-old man was found unconscious at the top of a tower on Bishopsgate, near the junction with Bishopswater.The tower is used […]

What you need to know about the NYC taxi crisis

NYC taxi drivers and passengers are in the middle of an existential crisis.The cab industry is facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions.New York is a major international hub for the transportation of people and goods, and its taxi industry is a crucial link between the global economy and the United States.New Yorkers rely on the […]

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