How to Rent a Car from a Home to a Garage

Rent a car from a garage to a garage, or to a car rental office, or even to a taxi, and you can save thousands on car rentals.And, if you’re just a casual car owner, you can rent a new car for a very affordable price.But, if it’s a rental car, you’ll want to keep […]

New York City’s car rental service is coming to NYC

NEW YORK (AP) New York’s car rentals company car rental company Georgia will launch its first New York service this week.Car rental company georgias car rental site,, will be open Tuesday, the company announced.Georgia is one of the biggest car rental companies in the world.It’s been operating in more than 130 countries, and is […]

“Cheap car rental LA”

I can’t believe how cheap the car rental in LA is.I went in a couple of months ago and paid $1,600 for a two-bedroom rental.I thought, I can live in the car for $1.00 an hour.If you’re in the market for a new car, you could probably get one for $700.A car rental with that […]

When you’re in the market for a new car, there’s no shortage of places to go, and a few have been added to the list of things you need to know.

The car rental business is booming in Australia and the country is now home to more than 1.5 million car rental outlets.Now, it seems the country has a car rental boom as well.A new survey conducted by research firm Deloitte shows that the number of car rental businesses has risen by nearly 50 per cent […]

How to rent a car in the US via Uber

Renting a car through Uber is the cheapest option for Canadians.And if you’re on the hunt for a car, here’s what you need to know about renting a car.What is Uber?Uber is a company that provides transportation services for individuals and small businesses.They offer a free ride in your car to a location in your […]

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